Artist, Jeweller.
Kristýna studied under the guidance of professor Karol Weisslechner at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in the atelier of Metal and Jewellery where she is now working on her doctorate. She took part in academic internship programmes in the jewellery atelier at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (CZ) and studied design at the Academy in Ljubljana (SLO). In her theoretical and visual work she deals with feminine nature in connection with materiality and alchemy. Her works not only received various prizes (design competition Rings in Water 2007, Slovak jewellery competition Slovenský šperk 2005,2006…) but are on display in her home country and abroad as well.

Kristýna Španihelová presents a collection of bone jewellery from the cycle Život [i.e. Life] ANIMA. In her series of jewellery Kristýna primarily deals with the growth and development of feminine nature and principle. Anima combines in itself the deeper and rationally imperceptible mystery of life. Carl Gustav Jung dealt with the topic of Anima in his work "The Idea of Redemption in Alchemy" and the author drew her inspiration from his theories as well. Jewellery from the cycle Life ANIMA are made of bleached bones which complement the carved-out silver lace work, synthetic pearls, gold foil, pyrites, coral and beads. (Mária Nepšinská, May 2009)